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You will need both a merchant account and Authorize.Net Payment Gateway to accept credit cards. If you already have a merchant account, Authorize.Net works with almost all merchant account providers.

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Payment Gateway & Merchant Account

We can help set you up with a combined account to get started right away.


Payment Gateway Only

You must have a merchant account to sign up for this plan. A merchant account collects payments from your customer's bank and deposits the funds into your business checking or savings account.

Monthly Gateway$25
Per Transaction2.9% + 30¢

If you sell globally, add a 1.5% assessment for international transactions.

A $25 fee will be billed by your merchant account provider for chargebacks—a type of disputed transaction.

Monthly Gateway$25
Per Transaction (Gateway)10¢
Per Transaction (Merchant Account)NA*
Batch Fee10¢

Transactions are grouped into a batch and submitted at the end of each day.

* Merchant account fees will be billed separately by your merchant account provider of choice.

Included Features

Credit Card

Credit/Debit Cards, eCheck, Apple Pay & PayPal

ACE Award

Award-Winning Support

Verified Merchant Seal

Website Trust Seal for your Site

Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention Tools

Recurring Billing

Recurring Billing & Customer Data Storage

Sync for QuickBooks

QuickBooks Integration