Why Authorize.Net?

Our Reseller Programs are designed to make your business more successful. That's why we support our resellers throughout the sales cycle, from new customer acquisition to ongoing support. Authorize.Net is the preferred payment gateway for several simple reasons:

Increase Revenue – We offer competitive buy rates and reliable residual payments, including additional revenue opportunities from our popular value-added products. We even keep your overhead costs down by handling merchant support and billing on your behalf.

Lead Generation Program – We list qualified resellers in our online Reseller Directory, which is viewed by thousands of prospective merchants each month.

Risk Management – Dedicated staff to monitoring fraudulent activity and taking action to protect merchants. Built-in tools like AVS and CVV2 controls, as well as our proprietary value-adding product Fraud Detection Suite, help prevent fraud before penalizing your merchants.

Trusted Brand – Authorize.Net is one of the most recognized brands in the industry. With Authorize.Net as your partner, your merchants will know their transactions are secure.

Unmatched Support – Authorize.Net provides free customer support to our resellers and their merchants via telephone, e-mail and online chat. Our secure Reseller Interface allows you to set up your merchants, manage your account and view detailed reports about your portfolio activity.

Third-Party Support – Tap into our extensive partner list to offer your merchants a range of Authorize.Net-certified solutions, from shopping cart solutions to Internet Protocol (IP) enabled card-swipe terminals.

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