Integration Guides

We are pleased to announce that we have published new integration guides to help your merchants and their developers integrate their Web site or other business application to the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway. The new guides include an updated Advanced Integration Method (AIM) Developer Guide, an updated Server Integration Method (SIM) Developer Guide, and a new merchant-focused guide, the Merchant Integration Guide.

The AIM and SIM Developer guides are technical in nature and likely more appropriate for developers or merchants with a strong technical aptitude. The Merchant Integration Guide focuses on the settings in the Merchant Interface that a merchant can and should configure. We hope you'll encourage your merchants to review this guide thoroughly.

The new guides are available in HTML format, which is the same format as the current Merchant Interface Online Help Files. Benefits of this format include:

Information is grouped into "books" according to the sections of each guide, then further divided into individual topics

Merchants and developers can either browse by topic, or use the Search function to easily find the information they need

Related links buttons on most topic pages makes it easy to find additional information

A glossary of key terms is maintained and updated on an ongoing basis

Each guide can be saved as a PDF version for easy printing or download

The new guides are available at:

AIM Developer Guide

SIM Developer Guide

Merchant Integration Guide

Third Party Reseller Programs

The following code can be placed anywhere within your Web site's HTML code. All you need to do is make sure that the space you are inserting the guide into is big enough to display the guide (400 pixels high and wide enough to be readable).

IMPORTANT: You must remove all older versions of Authorize.Net integration guides that you may have on your Web site–regardless of whether they are published as part of your Web site, i.e. within the HTML, or as a document available for download. If you would like to publish these new guides on your site, you may do so by using the following code to implement an iframe. This will allow your Web site to always display the most up-to-date version of the guides:

For the AIM guide:

For the SIM guide:

For the Merchant guide:


You can display our Integration Guides within an iframe on your Web site to ensure they are always up to date.

Again, please remove all old versions of the integration guides and replace them with the new versions as soon as possible. The new guides have important information that is not available in the old guides. Additionally, with the iframe code, you can ensure that if we make an update to one of the guides, it will be available on your site immediately.

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